I often am asked, where can I get that ball? That foam roller?  That Pilates book?  The answer my friends is right here!  These are products I use and recommend.  Enjoy!

These pinky balls are GREAT for relieving sore muscles.  You can roll your feet on them, lie down on the floor and place the ball underpinky-teaser-01 your back (not your spine) or you can stand against the wall and roll the ball on your back and across your hips.  Feels great!

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Therabands cut into 5 foot lengths are perfect for Pilates! I used to buy a box and cut them into the approptherabandsriate size.  Glad the company got wise and packaged these for students to buy.  Take them with you when you travel or to the offices.  Perfect way to stretch it out anywhere, anytime.  Detailed ideas included.  Highly recommended!

Click to buy  beginner or advance pack here. Both sets are nice to have but if you’re just getting started select beginner as it will come with 3 resistance levels. These are non-latex, which is also nicer for most people.

PilatesBookRETURN TO LIFE is the original Pilates exercise book written by the creator and visionary of the Pilates method of exercise, Joseph H. Pilates. This book reviews the conceptual basis and philosophy of the Pilates method or ‘Contrology’ and the original matwork exercises.  The model featured in this book is Mr. Pilates himself at the age of 60. The original mat exercises by the man himself are in this book! click to buy


I like this magic circle because it has foam on both sides of the ring
making it possible to push out as well as squeeze.  Useful for all kinds of exercises and comes with a video.  Discover why we sometimes call it the ring of fire!  click to buy

Once you’ve tried a foam roller you’ll wonder how you ever lived
black-roller-teaser-03without one. Perfect for massaging tight back, hip and leg muscles.  Of course you can do some Pilates on those rollers, too.  Meanwhile, get rolling!  click to buyNote these comes in different densities-if you’ve never used one, select the “white” for firm.  The grey is extra firm, I love it but might be a bit much of you’re sensitive and have super tight muscles.  If you like deep tissue massage, you’ll like extra firm.

These small inflatable balls are soft, easy to grasp and squeeze betweenSmallBallPilates your legs or as a support behind your back.  Inner thighs are key to accessing the pelvic floor. Get yourself one of these and you’ll more quickly find your core. click to buy

A great mat for using over carpet. The EcoWise is closed cell foam, and contains necoWise-flat-mats-teaser-02o latex, PVC or chloride. Wavy texture on both sides for superb traction and stability. click to buy

It’s just great to have a ball around the house. Youfitness-balls-teaser-03 can bounce on it, sit on while at the computer and do a whole host of Pilates exercises, too.  Included at the buy link is a guide on which size to buy for you.  Have fun!   click to buy

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      I am in St Pete now..sorry if Google isn’t updating my new location. I recommend the Sarasota YMCA for reformer classes though…the instruction there is pretty good and inexpensive for Pilates. Cheers, JoAnn

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