Want to be able to move when you’re 75?

I live in an area where the averages age is 73.  Not that every one is that age but a lot of people are.  Some of them are my clients.  Some are very fit.

Some have a hard time standing , walking, and plop down onto a chair and have difficulty getting out of that chair.

Don’t want that to be you?

If you don’t move throughout the course of your day, you will be just like those who can’t get out the chair without great effort.  It’s only a matter of time….

Then I get the question: Should I get standing desk?  Again, what you really need to do is MOVE.  While a variation in body position is helpful throughout the course of a sedentary day, you also just have to walk, stand up and stretch and take a break from staring at the screen.

I love my gadgets and even advocated for a DeskCycle which is kinda fun to have.  But after a couple months of having it, it is sitting on the side of my desk instead of under it.  If I had more room under my desk, I’d love to have that and my little foot rest but I don’t.  The foot rest won because while peddling is OK to do for some tasks when I really need to concentrate on writing, I do better being more still.


I also know that I must move around. Every day I think about when in the course of my day I am going to dedicate 30-60 minutes to exercise – swim, bike, Pilates, dance tango, do yoga, take body pump class. IT IS A PRIORITY.  It serves me and it serves my clients to take care of my body daily.

So before you spend all that dough on a standing desk or some other contraption, read this article about the 5 ways your standing desk may be doing more harm than good.  

Then go for a walk. Your body and brain will be the better for it.

Intimated by gyms, want private personalized instruction?  Get in touch with me.  One Pilates session will help you feel better in your body and could just change your life.

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