7 health benefits of water: weight loss, detox, anti-aging and more

In these dog days of summer, it’s especially important to drink enough water to stay hydrated.  That goes double in Florida where you sweat just standing outside in the shade. Dehydration can happen quickly here.  I was washing my car recently one morning and within an hour was drenched in sweat without actually being thirsty.  Our bodies are about 65% water, so we need to replenish throughout the day especially in hot climates.

Just like a car needs gas and oil, your body needs water to function properly.

Water can help you lose weight, keep your skin looking younger and refresh you after a good hard Pilates workout. Here are more ways water does a body good, brought to you by Port Charlotte Volkswagen, serving the people of Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Sarasota, North Port, and Venice since 1986.

The Health Benefits of H20




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