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Pilates helped rid me of nagging sciatica, which caused a shooting pain from my low back all the way down my leg.  I was undergoing chiropractic treatments twice a week in attempt to treat the issue. At the same time, I started taking Pilates at my gym.  Within a few months, my sciatica was relieved. Now, ten years later, I almost never feel that pain!  When I do feel a twinge I know exactly what to do to relieve it. Pilates.


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Chiropractic, physical therapy and other manual manipulations play an important role in body health.  But the most important role is the one you play in keeping your body fit and strong – no one and nothing else can do that for you.  You simply must move.

Pilates did more than build strength and tone for me.  It helped me feel better in my body.  It brought me joy of movement.

I got certified in my early 40s.  Fifteen years later I am still strong and fit. Whether you are 25 or 65, I can help you feel better, too.  Just contact me.

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