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Pilates for Menopause

Let’s face it ladies, menopause is inevitable.  And guys you have your own version of it too.  But as inevitable as some age-related changes are, you don’t have to become fat, flabby and inflexible – that is entirely by choice for the vast majority of people. I said it was a choice.  I didn’t say

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You are losing muscle mass: you must fail to get it back

Are you over the age of 30?  Then you’re already on the sarcopenia road – age related muscle loss.  If you’re inactive you naturally lose as much as 5% of your muscle mass every decade starting in your 30s.  Even if you do workout, there will be some muscle decline. You can however, minimize how

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Want to feel better in your body right now? Move it. Talk about instant gratification!  In just minutes you’ll feel the rush of increased blood flow circulating around, it’s an internal warmth and buzz.  A self-generated positive induced high from which you will reap rewards not only now but tomorrow and beyond. At your desk?

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