Pilates Benefits: A Return to Life

What is Pilates and how will it benefit you?  I get that question a lot.  In short, it meets you where you are right now and takes you further than you can imagine. Need more strength?  Balance? Muscle? Coordination?  You’ll get it. Pilates is a way to more fully realize your potential.


the hundreds on the Pilates reformer

Recently, WebMD showcased a handful moves that are great for beginners. The post is well illustrated and accurately explained. Pilates can be done on a mat or machines, just be sure to find a well-qualified instructor.  

Pilates benefits every body at just about any time. Some hospitals and physical therapists integrate Pilates into their fitness programs to help patients with rehab and other health related issues. For example, Pilates works the pelvic floor and is quite helpful for women who have or want to help prevent pelvic floor disorders.

Pilates is a natural next step after physical therapy. Many Pilates instructors will work with PTs to ensure that you continue to strengthen safely post rehab. Muscles move bones. When muscles are developed and maintained correctly they’ll help keep those bones (and the rest of your body) properly aligned.

The medical community is finally promoting exercise as medicine.  And Pilates is an excellent healing modality as well as way to have fun discovering all that your body is capable of. It works if you work it



stroke took her movement away Pilates brought it back

Pilates can transform a life in many ways. Joseph Pilates promoted his system as a holy trinity — rejuvinating the mind, body and spirit. Indeed you will feel refreshed, re-energized, and realigned after your Pilates sessions. Get inspired by these stories featured at the Pilates Method Alliance’s Pilates is Health website.

For me, Pilates took away the debilitating pain of sciatica and brought me into a whole new world of healing for myself and helping others.

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