Pilates for Menopause

Let’s face it ladies, menopause is inevitable.  And guys you have your own version of it too.  But as inevitable as some age-related changes are, you don’t have to become fat, flabby and inflexible – that is entirely by choice for the vast majority of people.

I said it was a choice.  I didn’t say it was going to be easy.  Believe me, I know.

More Magazine has a fabulous article filled with tips to get you on the right track.  But what it all comes down to is personal motivation and a good dose of hard work.


Make each workout count and multitask to the extreme. Get three hard workouts each week and you’ll start to see the difference within one month. Assuming you’re not double dosing on ice cream, cocktails or chips in the meantime.

  1. SWEAT  if you’re not sweating you’re not working out hard enough. Period.
  2. INCREASE HEART RATE for at least 20-minutes. How much is enough?  If you can talk but not sing, you’re in a good cardio zone.
  3. COMBINE do exercises that combine cardio and resistance training.  Boxing, Pilates (on machines), and Body Pump classes are all great examples of making your workouts do double duty.
  4. FIVE DAYS/WEEK.  On lighter days, swim, bike, do yoga – something that gives your pulse a bit of a boost and requires muscular effort.
  5. SCHEDULE IT Put it on your calendar, which day, what you’re going to do. Not a to-do list, the calendar – date, time, activity.

Figure out your achilles heel.  Mine is endurance.  I get all hung ho about some thing for a week or two, fall off the wagon and then wonder what happened.  Though of late I decided to cut down on carbs and have done well for the most part.  So I know I can do it.

What have you successfully done for the long haul?  Use that as your own personal proof that you can stick to something for longer than a nanosecond.  Because I’ll bet you can.

There are no quick fixes my friends.  The good news is muscles will build throughout our lives.  Find an activity you really enjoy and then fortify that with three hard workouts each and every week.  The buddy system works wonders.  Grab a pal and make a pact.

And if time is your excuse (I hear that one all the time)  here are some ways to fit fitness into your day.  Know also, that 10 minute bursts throughout the day can help.

Pilates is a great way to build strength, flexibility and balance.  It is a great way to multitask it all in.  Of course it’s not THE ONLY way but if you’ve never tried it, shoot me an email to schedule a free demo or find a Pilates studio near you.  Just make sure they’re of the mind that Pilates, while it should be safely done, should also make you sweat.

In the end, you’ll not only look better you will FEEL better. Which in my humble opinion is really what it’s all about.  The two just happen to go together.

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