Pilates does a body good in many ways. Improves balance, strength, flexibility, confidence and strengthens the pelvic floor. All that helps improve that most intimate of acts, sex.  Most people have heard of the Kegel method to improve a woman’s pelvic floor, but Pilates can be better.  So says this blogger/ Pilates instructor in the Huffington Post.  As a longtime Pilates devotee and instructor myself, I totally agree.

The Pelvic Floor IS Core

If you’re talking about the “core” of the body you can’t get anymore centrally located then the pelvic floor. It’s what helps you activate your “corset” muscle known as the transversus abdominis, the muscles that hug around your waist and help support your spine.   Strengthening the pelvic floor leads to better control and power in the Pilates studio and the bedroom.

Strength is Beauty

The stronger your core , the more confident you’ll feel.  And when it comes to attractiveness, confidence goes along a way. It’s why most ladies give a second look to those cocky cowboy types.

For my women clients, there’s nothing like the rush of mastering a new move like plank on the reformer, or teasers performed smoothly and slowly with control.  It’s elegance and power in motion. Many high fives in my Pilates studio after those moves are completed!

Men and Pelvic Floor

Many people, especially men, come to Pilates later in life because they have injured themselves. But why wait?  You can prevent injuries, get stronger and more flexible as you age instead of the reverse.  And guess what guys,  improving pelvic floor is not just for women. There are a lot reasons it can benefit you too.  For details, read here.

Enjoy the Journey

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