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Last week, I came home from a lovely bike ride along Lake Michigan to find several news trucks lined up at the end of my block.  A woman had been grabbed and “assaulted” at 6 a.m. Tuesday August 8 on Howard, a very busy Rogers Park street which separates Evanston from Chicago. My first reaction

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How many times have you heard that adage that people are your best teachers?  That when something bothers you about someone else, it’s a reflection of something you don’t see in yourself?  It’s not an uncommon spiritual teaching.  Which of course doesn’t make it any less challenging to deal with. In this talk, ordained Tibetan

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Losing Your Mind

Have you lost your mind?  If you’re like most people, you probably have – and more than once in the course of an hour. According to mind experts old and new, the natural state of the mind is chaos.  Eastern philosophies call this “monkey mind” – your thoughts swinging aimlessly through the trees carrying you

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